There are only 5 materials that belong in your recycle cart.

(Click on the picture of each material for a quick informational video.)


Curbside Collection of Recyclables

Lee County offers weekly curbside collection of recyclable material. Your waste hauler will come by on the specified day to pick up both your recyclables and yard waste.

Paper circle.jpg  



Junk mail, newsprint, magazines, printing paper,  phone books, etc. Basically, any kind of paper except shredded, waxed, metallic or soiled. (No hard cover books – donate those instead)

Metal circle.jpg

Metal Cans


​Aluminum or steel (tin) cans 

aluminum foil & disposable pans are good, too

Cardboard circle.jpg  


Any kind of box that doesn’t have a waxed coating (such as those used to hold milk, juice and broth) Flatten it to save room in your cart

Plastic circle.jpg

Plastic Containers


​Look for the numbers 1 -7 within the recycle triangles on the bottom of the container

(no Styrofoam, no plastic bags)

Glass circle.jpg



Green, brown and clear bottles and jars

​ THAT’S IT!​ ​

Have a hard time remembering if an item goes in the trash or recycle? If you live in unincorporated Lee County, Bonita Springs, Estero or Fort Myers Beach, check the lid of your recycle cart – the information is right there.