Bad boys, bad boys – whatcha gonna do?

There is a reason that we don’t just go out and plant our pet plants around the grounds, that we rely upon professionals to keep our landscape healthy and in good appearance. Take these two bad boys, for example, one worse than the other.

First “Moses in the Cradle” or Oyster plant, Tradescantia spathacea:

Oyster plant or Moses in the cradle. Listed as an invasive in Florida. Click photo for more information.

Next is one which is REALLY invasive, and very hard to kill: the dreaded “Mother In Law Tongue!!!”.

Mother in law tongue
Mother in law tongue Mother in law tongue – Florida invasive, not suitable for any use. Click photo for more info.

Palm Tree Fertility

Did you know that palm trees are heavy feeders? The University of Florida's Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences suggests that these trees should be fed THREE times per year (March, July, September), with a specific low phosphorous (yay!!), time release fertilizer with micro-nutrients.

Here are some examples of apparent nutrient deficiency:

Magnessium deficiency?
Magnessium deficiency? (not yet confirmed this with leaf analysis). Click the photo for more examples.

Boron deficiency
Boron deficiency? (not yet confirmed via leaf analysis)

So what can be done? Scatter 1-2 pounds of Lesco (or equivalent) 8-2-12 Palm tree fertilizer under within the "drip line" of each tree in March, July, and September.

Did you know that scattering GRASS fertilizer on the palm drip area might kill the tree? Want to learn more?  Listen to the UFAS expert!

Concerned about Red Tide? This is why UFAS wants a low Nitrogen, low Phosphorous fertilizer (the 1st two numbers of the 8-2-12). ALSO - very important - we hire professionals to feed the plants and to keep them healthy!